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Advices in home style to rent your furnished apartment !



Advices : for whom ?


For owners renting their furnished apartments, so their tenants feel at home. Well-being for both the renters and tenants !






My Cute Home cares for adapting your home to a furnished rental apartment. It is then important to set up a neutral, modern and practical interior design and showcase your furnished apartment. A genuine atmosphere must be created for a tenant who intends to live in an apartment. We do design the living space for future tenants in order to make them feel "at home".

Making a good first impression is key ; it is then very important that the tenant is satisfied and feel at home. It is very different to decorate a house for oneself than it is for others. We know from experience what tenants are looking for, this is the reason you can trust our services. It is not only about to make a "good impression at first sight”, but also to provide a well-furnished and quality apartment that will satisfy your tenant, who consequently will rent for a longer period.


We will go through a stage of " depersonalization ", ie present to future tenants a furnished apartment , friendly, bright, clear and neutral enough that it will feel good. Adapt your interior to facilitate the rental of your property and create an environment of well-being for your tenant!







We know that it is often difficult to make choices in terms of interior design. You may already have ideas but do not know where to star. We all have our own specialty and ours is the result of over 10 years of professional experience and two generations of real estate enthusiasts, decoration, decorative coaching and consulting in interior decoration. Our project of apartments for rent Studios Cochard is a fine example of success with its third generation of existence.


Our mission ?

Our experience

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